Sensor Installation Made Easy

We stock the revolutionary Whirligig rotation sensor.

The sensor bolts to the whirligig base plate, and the complete assembly then bolts to the rotating shaft.

Shaft or machine vibration does not affect the performance of the sensor as the whole assembly moves with the shaft.

Easy installation

choose one of two methods:

Attach to a M12 tapped hole in the machines shaft or use the magnetic connector – this device screws into the whirligig and magnetically couples to the shaft being monitored.

Blockage Sensors

For detecting dry bulk granular material in bins, silos, hoppers, and chutes with adjustable sensitivity.

The simple but robust point level indicator has no moving parts, it’s self contained with all potted electronics and can be used in areas of high vibration.

Supplied with a polyethylene abrasion shield and ATEX approved, these units are simple to install on the sides or tops of steel bins/hoppers and are small enough to be used as plug detectors in discharge chutes.

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