Self-Levelling Transport Bins

Conveyor Industries provided Tauranga City Council (in New Zealand) with a solution for the conveying and containment of dewatered sewage screenings suitable for transporting to a land fill site – a distance of approximately 100 Km from their Te Maunga wastewater treatment plant.

The system was to replace an existing arrangement that consisted of open top skip bins that required regular and costly operator intervention, and didn’t meet odour containment regulations when bins were transported on public roads.

Conveyor Industries designed a system which included two self-levelling, fully contained storage bins. The bins were fed via a shaftless screw conveyor, utilising two pneumatically operated, telescopic chutes. The chutes are able to extend down to the skip bin when feeding product and retract when the bin is ready for transportation.

Dewatered solids are conveyed via the shaftless screw conveyor, and depending on which bin is available to receive product – a pneumatically operated slide gate opens to allow the first bin, or closes to direct the dewatered solids to the second bin.

The bin is fitted with a fixed lid, a shaftless screw conveyor is installed within and transports the dewatered solids along the length of the bin. The bin is filled without operator intervention via a series of outlets, stopping automatically when the level sensor detects the bin is full. At this point, the pneumatically operated slide gate is activated and the next bin starts filling.

The system installed is fully automatic, intervention is only required by the transport operators when the bin(s) are full and require replacing with an empty bin.

Available in a range of sizes, the bins are suitable for municipal or industrial sludge and sewage screenings. They are supplied pre-wired and fully tested in our premises prior to dispatch, making them ready to ‘plug & play’ when they arrive on site.

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