Expanding Our Manufacturing

As we are centrally located in the North Island and close to the Port of Tauranga, we can fabricate, paint, assemble, and test run before transporting to site anywhere in New Zealand or overseas.

The installation of our second overhead gantry has increased efficiency in our workshop fabrication division, and expanded our manufacturing capabilities. We can manufacture larger items that were once difficult, due to an inability to manipulate an item from two points.

Workshop safety has increased with both gantries ‘remote’ control operated. Demonstrating our improved capability and competitiveness, we recently completed two projects which included the fabrication of two hoppers with integral conveying systems for the re-circulation and discharge of their respective products.


New Press Brake


The old 150 Tonne press has been replaced with a 220 Tonne model. The new press is CNC controlled, providing faster and more accurate pressing. 

This additional tonnage allows us to press heavier gauge materials. The longer bed length further increases our manufacturing capabilities and reduces the need for subcontracting.

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