Wodonga Rendering

Proximity to site is often a major factor when companies evaluate suppliers of key equipment.

This requirement has been greatly reduced with the emergence of 3D draughting and online meetings, ensuring project deadlines are met. Conveyor Industries were approached by a rendering plant in Australia for advice on a raw material intake system. We fabricated the equipment in NZ and shipped it directly to site for installation.

Online meetings throughout the design process allowed for regular client input, and a clear vision of how the equipment would function alongside the plant and existing equipment. Due to the size of a large intake bin in the system, we arranged for the key components to be manufactured and test run in our workshop, while the large bin body was constructed on site in Australia from our provided drawings.

Wodonga Rendering 3d

3D models of the bin and plant layout were supplied to the client, and fabricators in Australia were able the use the 3D models and go online to see our computer screen whenever questions came up. Our experienced installation team leader provided site supervision for key components in the system, resulting in a straightforward installation and equipment commission.

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