Wallace Corporation

Wallace Corporation in Waitoa, North Island, NZ, purchased a fine crusher manufactured in the USA.

The fine crusher is designed to reduce the particle size of meat and bone, allowing for a more efficient drying process.

Conveyor Industries were engaged to incorporate the new fine crusher into their existing system. This involved modifying two shaftless screw conveyors that delivered product to a surge bin, replacing the surge bin and corroded support structure, and supplying the screw conveying system on the discharge side of the fine crusher.

The planning required close attention to a range of existing plant, equipment, and structures to ensure there were no compromises to access for maintenance personnel and plant operators. The project required detailed site surveying, creating 3D layouts to thoroughly explore various bin designs to maximize the capacity within the available space.


The final design allowed the bin to be installed with minor modifications to the surrounding platforms and equipment, allowing the Conveyor Industries site team to complete the installation with minimal disruption to the plant’s processing schedule.

“The ability to work through these layouts using our 3D modeling software and involve our client throughout the process, aided in identifying issues that could have developed into problems during the installation of the equipment,” said Senior Design Draughtsman, Matt Dempsey.

The system has operated successfully and met all performance expectations since the equipment was delivered to site, installed, and commissioned back in October 2010.

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