Remote silo truck loading facility

Conveyor Industries provided Ravensdown with an automatic fertiliser load out system. Typically, fertiliser is delivered to or collected by farmers from bulk stores located throughout the country. This frequently requires farmers to travel long distances, relying on a tractor and trailer to collect their fertiliser.

A solution was devised to supply fertiliser from an automated unmanned silo by which farmers can load their own fertiliser, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The system consists of a silo holding 20t of fertiliser, mounted on a structure which farmers can drive underneath. The silo is mounted on load cells that record the weight of product in the silo.

A control panel allows farmers to swipe a card and key-in the required amount of fertiliser. The system checks via sensors that the trailer is in position before the fertiliser is discharged. Information is then sent via a GSM modem to the fertiliser company who can send an invoice to the farmer for the appropriate amount.

On success of the first system installed in the Taranaki region, a second system has been commissioned in Northland.

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