Kapiti Coast District Council

Kapiti Coast District Council tendered a system upgrade to deal with an increase in solids that the plant was beginning to process.

Competing against local and international suppliers, Conveyor Industries successfully offered a turn-key package to satisfy all requirements.

The new system incorporated a decanter, shaftless screw conveyors, and pneumatically operated slide-gates.

The dewatered sludge is conveyed to a storage hopper, and for redundancy purposes the sludge can be diverted via the slide-gates to two skip bins.

From the silo the sludge is conveyed to a thermal dryer where the moisture content is removed, changing the sludge consistency to a dry small round pellet.

The drying process not only removes the moisture, it also removes all pathogens allowing it to be used for land fill.

The layout also allows for future use of fully sealed, self-levelling skip bins that are also designed and manufactured by Conveyor Industries, and already installed at similar treatment plants around New Zealand.

Conveyor Industries scope included project management, design and manufacture, structural engineering, civil’s, electrical, PLC interface, installation, and commission. We delivered a solution on time and on budget.

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