Graeme Lowe Waikato

Lowe Corporation in Waikato, NZ, chose Conveyor Industries to design and manufacture new technology to better utilise their meat and bone meal processing in the Auckland region of Tuakau.

After purchasing a new drier and hammermill, they required a means of moving the dried product from the new drier to storage, and through a hammermill and sieve.

Since a new building had been erected, a system was designed to utilise the interior space to maximum efficiency. The system design and the conveying equipment provided quality, competitive pricing (against Asian manufacturers), and a short delivery time.

3D  modelling of  the system and equipment allowed Conveyor Industries to identify potential spatial inconsistencies within the building envelope, and to resolve them prior to design sign-off.


This process identified that some machinery needed to be delivered in modules, and assembled on-site and within the building to enable correct fitment.

The new system design needed to maximise the available space inside the new building, with some components made in sections to fit through the existing door.

Installation and assembly of this complex system was completed on time and on budget.

The benefits of integrating the design, manufacture, and installation of complex systems proved economical and efficient for the customer.

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