After a successful installation of a similar system at Fonterra’s Waitoa Plant, Conveyor Industries were approached to design and manufacture a Truck Loading System for Fonterra’s Te Rapa Sludge Dewatering project.

Waste water is trucked from Fonterra’s Hautapa site to Te Rapa and combined before entering a dewatering process. The system involves conveying dewatered sludge from two decanters into an unmanned truck/trailor which is parked on load cells. The load cells provide a live stream of data, signalling to the transport dispatch office when the truck/trailor is loaded.

Conveyor Industries scope was for the design and manufacture of three shaftless screw conveyors, and four pneumatically operated slide gates. Shaftless screw conveyors were chosen due to the sticky nature of the sludge material. By eliminating the centre pipe in the auger, product build-up is almost impossible – this cannot be achieved in a conventional shafted screw conveyor. The pneumatic slide gates were used on the truck loading conveyor to distribute the sludge, evenly loading the truck/trailer. The system has been successfully commissioned providing an output achieving all expectations.

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