Andritz Equipment

Conveyor Industries is a major subcontractor to the multinational company, Andritz, for the supply of conveying equipment.

One of the significant issues we are faced with is the challenge of competing against overseas suppliers with mass production facilities and low-cost labour. These companies often provide off the shelf, lighter gauge equipment at a lower price. While Conveyor Industries is able to supply equipment such as this, we believe we can be competitive and still offer a higher grade product – providing our clients with more value.

This has been done by refining our equipment design without compromising quality, and expanding our manufacturing facilities to provide greater efficiency in fabrication. Andritz Feed & Biofuel requested us to supply conveying equipment for a large feed mill plant project in Australia. This equipment included: screw conveyors, screw feeders, drag chain conveyors, and bucket elevators (a total of sixty-four) for the entire plant. We were told we were competing with companies from Asia and Europe on this project.

By choosing Conveyer Industries for the project, Andritz secured a full customised design service, with 3d models for their layouts. They also secured a high quality product at a price which was competitive with international manufacturers.

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