Hoppers and Surge Bins/Screw Feeders

Screw Feeders: One of the most accurate and efficient methods of metering bulk materials. Bulk materials are discharged from hoppers, bins, or silos, as the inlet area is flood-loaded  – designed to meter bulk materials at fixed or variable rates.

  • Meters a variety of bulk materials.
  • Can be a single or multi-screw design, depending on hopper design/product and required feed rate.
  • Can be designed with variable frequency drives to provide a wide range of feed rates.
  • Bulk materials can be discharged in mass-flow or first-in first-out with uniform flow.

Hoppers: Ideal for storing bulk materials.

Surge Bins: Allows inconsistent flow of material to accumulate and be metered. Our Multi Screw Surge Bins are designed to meter product at specific flow rates and prevent hard to handle product from bridging.

  • Available in various materials, including mild and stainless steels.

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