Rake Screen

For the separation of solids in municipal and industrial waste water systems.

The rake screen is designed for high screening volume applications. It features a screen frame, screen bars, two endless stainless-steel chains, rakes for picking up solids, and a wiper to clean the rakes at the discharge point.

The screen is an automatic, self-cleaning mechanical bar screen designed for industrial primary screening applications. The screen section is situated in the waste water stream. Rakes are fitted to the two endless chains to lift the waste particles or solids from the waste stream to a skip bin or conveying system. 

The section above the waste stream is fitted with covers to reduce operator hazards caused by the rotating sprockets and moving chain. There are no bearings or sprockets below the water line, as the chains are guided in tracks at the inlet section.

The screen bars can be set with an aperture starting at 3 mm and increase in width to suit the particle size required for removal from the waste water stream.

The rake screen is fastened to the concrete channel with mechanical fasteners (chem sets or concrete anchor bolts). To conduct screen maintenance, the concrete anchors are removed, and the complete assembly is extracted. 

We are happy to help you select a screen that suits your process requirements. We adapt the rake screen to the client’s specifications, e.g. conveyor length, and channel width and depth.